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Player's Award
Rate: 87% Our price: $1995
3 modes of play, Internet score posting, many hours of pressure packed fun.

Robo Cop

Rate: 58% Our price: $1995      
Game info:
This all-out intense first person, 3D-action game mixes pure fast-paced gameplay with thrilling cutting-edge technology, bringing Robot cop's whole world alive! Take the role of the all action hit character Alex Murphy, aka Robocop. Your mission is to uncover a sinister plot involving OCP, local gangsters dealing a deadly new synthetic drug and a powerfully maligned computerbrain cyborg known only as MIND. You'll have to capture, destroy or arrest hostile characters in a desperate search for clues and evidence, but remember above all: you must protect the innocent!Features:. 9 extensive mission investigations in different universes: Bronx, City dump, warehouse, foundry, cathedral, MIND cache, offshore platform, MIND HQ, OCP Tower.. Interactive objects to be destroyed in the arenas (crates, barrels, windows...). 6 different weapons (with 2 firing modes): Beretta, Automatic Rifle, Cobra Cannon (Gatling), Rocket Launcher, Plasma beam and Electrostatic beam. . Over 30 different generic enemies: human, robots and animals.. Numerous SFX: particles, smoke, explosions, water.... Three levels of difficulty.. Arrest mode: Robocop has the option to capture enemies.. Enhanced visions: zoom and thermal.. Multi-target lock: Robocop can aim and shoot automatically at up to 3 different targets at the same time.. Bonuses, ammos upgrades and power-ups.
Game by: Titus Software Corp See screenshot
Hardware: Intel PentiumII 450Mhz, 64MB Ram, 350 MB Hard drive space, DirectX8.1 or higher, DirectXCompliant vi
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