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Golden Crown award of TGPlayer's Award
Rate: 88% Our price: $1995
Lemonade Tycoon serves up a lemony twist on business simulation games!


Player's Award
Rate: 80% Our price: $1495
Lets kids experience being a doctor. It introduces children to good health.


Rate: 52% Our price: $1495
You are playing through a little fairy named Ptolemy.


Rate: 46% Our price: $1999
Wik and the Fable of Souls is a dark and delightful action-fable of an unlikely


Rate: 10% Our price: $1495
Androkids Help save the Princess from Notebook City.s big, bad Scribble King!!
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Julia's Time Adventure

16.07.05 85% 109.00 mb
In this detective game play Julia a girl who has been sucked into the past.

Franklin the Turtle's Clubhouse Adventur

16.07.05 79% 88.00 mb
Practice skills like observation logic imagination and more...

Franklin the Turtle Goes to School

16.07.05 86% 91.00 mb
Discover numbers, letters, math, measures, colors, shapes, sounds and more!

Franklin the Turtle After School

16.07.05 75% 27.00 mb
Join Franklin and friends as they play and learn even after school.

Jr. Doctor

09.07.05 80% More...
Lets kids experience being a doctor. It introduces children to good health.

Pajama Sam's Lost and Found

18.05.05 53% More...
Help Sam find his favorite toys in this action-packed arcade game.

Little Rocket Man

18.05.05 59% 2.00 mb
Save the galaxy with this tiny hero!

Invention Highway Professional Edition

18.05.05 53% More...
You Can Think Better By Thinking Differently!

Freddi Fish and Luther's Water Worries

18.05.05 42% More...
Freddi Fish and Luther need your child's help to save the sea creatures.

Freddi Fish 3 - The Case of the Stolen C

18.05.05 70% More...
Your child will enjoy a wild adventure to help solve an underwater caper.

Freddi Fish 2 - The Case of the Haunted

18.05.05 58% More...
Your child will enjoy hours of fun playing this amusing detective game.

Freddi Fish 1 - The Case of the Missing

18.05.05 67% More...
Help Grandma Grouper find her kelp seeds in this learning adventure.

Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise

18.05.05 65% More...
Help plan a surprise party for Kayla.

Backyard Soccer 2004

18.05.05 76% More...
Play with the pros in your own backyard as you build your dream team.

3D Pets Dino

18.05.05 52% More...
Say good-bye to the pocket pet and hello to a loveable 3-D Dino.

Pajama Sam's No Need to Hide

18.05.05 74% More...
Sam is an ordinary kid who can turn into 'superhero' Pajama Sam.


20.04.05 30% More...
Your little kids will feel like the VIPs they are, when playing Lua Lua games!


20.04.05 10% 2.40 mb
Androkids Help save the Princess from Notebook City.s big, bad Scribble King!!

Brave Dwarves 2 Gold

03.04.05 84% 12.00 mb
Your ingenuity and dwarves' courage will make this quest easy as a game.

Amazing Mosaic

29.01.05 65% More...
This is an amazing mosaic building game for kids to improve their creativity.
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