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Full CARNIVORES 2 download page Rate: 82% Our price: $900
Buy CARNIVORES 2 game  Free download CARNIVORES 2 game
It's not a streak of movement, it's your life flashing before you!

Carnivores Ice Age

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Carnivores Ice Age screenshot
Rate: 72% Our price: $1995  Buy Carnivores Ice Age game  Free download Carnivores Ice Age game  
Game info:
Begin your adventure on a chilling journey through the prehistoric landscape of the Ice Age World. Take on massive wooly mammoths, dangerously skillful saber-tooth tigers, wild boars and a special creature so dangerous, it will kill anything that moves! This is a journey like no other. Utilize your full cache of weapons and equipment as you commence your icy hunt, keep a steady aim and a cool head - your very life depends on it!
Game by: Atari See screenshot
Hardware: Pentium 200+
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Author Comment Date
Nelia Stay infomraitve, San Diego, yeah boy! 16.09.11
P-Unit Does anyone know where I can get the full game downloaded for free? 04.06.05
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