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Full PUZZLE QUEST (MAC) download page Rate: 76% Our price: $1999
Buy PUZZLE QUEST (MAC) game  Free download PUZZLE QUEST (MAC) game
An epic match 3 puzzle challenge!


Full ANCIENT SUDOKU (MAC) download page Rate: 51% Our price: $1999
An addictive brain teasing puzzle that's taking the world by storm!


Full WORD CROSS (MAC) download page Rate: 51% Our price: $1999
 More about WORD CROSS (MAC)
Cross letters over words to complete the Word Cross!


Full PUZZLE EXPRESS (MAC) download page Rate: 51% Our price: $1995
Buy PUZZLE EXPRESS (MAC) game  Free download PUZZLE EXPRESS (MAC) game
Place colorful pieces to reveal beautiful pictures!


Full PICTOWORDS (MAC) download page Rate: 51% Our price: $1999
 More about PICTOWORDS (MAC)
Pictures + Letters + Your Quick Wit = PictoWords!
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Dream Chronicles 2 (Mac)

24.11.08 51% More...
Wake Up! It's time to Dream again with Dream Chronicles 2!

Rainbow Web 2 (Mac)

24.11.08 51% More...
Discover a rainbow mix of puzzle and mystery!

Sudoku Pagoda (Mac)

24.11.08 51% 61.71 mb
Discover the mystical charm of Ancient Japan with this challenging mind teaser!

Enchanted Gardens (Mac)

24.11.08 51% More...
Create matches to restore the five Enchanted Gardens!

Ancient Sudoku (Mac)

24.11.08 51% More...
An addictive brain teasing puzzle that's taking the world by storm!

Rainbow Mystery (Mac)

24.11.08 51% More...
Help Lily bring life and color into a Rainbow world, tainted by evil!

Yard Sale Junkie (Mac)

24.11.08 51% More...
So many customers, so much junk!

Mosaic: Tomb of Mystery (Mac)

24.11.08 51% More...
Uncover Egyptian Hieroglyphs in this stunning mystery-puzzle adventure!

Elythril: The Elf Treasure (Mac)

24.11.08 51% More...
Solve the puzzles and find the elf treasure - divine Elythril.

Hidden Secrets: The Nightmare (Mac)

24.11.08 51% 84.08 mb
Can you figure out the secret in time to save Flora?

Phantasia 2 (Mac)

24.11.08 51% 20.28 mb
It's time to go back to the castle and save the dwarves!

Jewel Quest 2 (Mac)

24.11.08 51% 30.25 mb
The ultimate jewel matching adventure returns with a brand new twist!

Restoring Rhonda (Mac)

24.11.08 51% More...
Restore Rhonda and fabulous artwork too!

Trivia Machine (Mac)

24.11.08 51% 7.35 mb
Climb the trivia ladder by answering fun questions!

Pop-A-Tronic (Mac)

24.11.08 51% 16.91 mb
It's a bubble popping bonanza!

Spandex Force (Mac)

24.11.08 51% More...
Save Vigilance Valley in this superhero puzzle RPG!

Flip Words 2 (Mac)

24.11.08 51% 25.68 mb
Play the sequel to one of the best selling word games of all time!

Professor Fizzwizzle (Mac)

24.11.08 51% More...
Puzzle your way past the Rage-bots to help the Professor!

PictoWords (Mac)

24.11.08 51% More...
Pictures + Letters + Your Quick Wit = PictoWords!

Slingo Quest (Mac)

24.11.08 51% More...
Are you ready for the next Slingo challenge? Start a quest today!

Ancient Quest of Saqqarah (Mac)

24.11.08 51% More...
Restore the ruined temples in an ancient tournament of divine puzzles!

Puzzle Quest (Mac)

24.11.08 76% 91.20 mb
An epic match 3 puzzle challenge!

Trijinx (Mac)

24.11.08 51% More...
Unlock the mystery of TriJinx, the action-puzzle with a tumbling twist!

Big Kahuna Reef (Mac)

24.11.08 51% More...
Dive for the Mask of the Tiki in this stunning match-game of adventure!

Word Cross (Mac)

24.11.08 51% More...
Cross letters over words to complete the Word Cross!

Around The World (Mac)

24.11.08 51% 11.45 mb
Uncover 10 world-class cities in this inventive block-matching puzzler!

StoneLoops! of Jurassica (Mac)

24.11.08 51% More...
Let off some steam and smash some stuff in StoneLoops!

Bejeweled 2 Deluxe (Mac)

24.11.08 51% More...
The classic jewel swapper with more gems and twice the fun!

Etch A Sketch (Mac)

24.11.08 51% 94.12 mb
The World's Favorite Drawing Toy!

Dream Chronicles (Mac)

24.11.08 51% More...
The line between reality and fantasy fades in the Dream Chronicles!
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