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This classic vocabulary challenge really knows how to spell f-u-n!

Merriam Webster's Spell-Jam (Mac)

Merriam Webster's Spell-Jam (Mac) screenshot
Rate: 51% Our price: $1999  Buy Merriam Webster's Spell-Jam (Mac) game  Free download Merriam Webster's Spell-Jam (Mac) game  
Game info:
Whether you're trying to improve your word prowess or preparing to be the next Spelling Bee Champion, Merriam Webster's Spell-Jam has three unique game modes, with something for everyone! Practice mode allows you to learn by repetition, until you get all the words correct. In Competition mode, play against family and friends to see who will take home the Spelling Bee trophy. Game Show mode lets you see if you have what it takes to get to the top! Spelling has never been this much fun!
Game by: TikGames See screenshot
Hardware: OS: Mac OS X 10.4+
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